The history of Legend of paris

Discover how our story began... Come and find out who we are and what inspires us. "Eyewear is an essential fashion accessory, it completes an outfit and makes a style statement." - VE

legend of paris


A spectacle maker for more than 20 years, it was during his youth that he began to develop a passion for the world of fashion. Vincent started his career in jewellery but soon became interested in the world of eyewear. He worked for French companies specialising in luxury goods such as S.T Dupont, Airess and L'amy.  

Throughout his career, he has travelled to many countries such as Italy, Germany, Sweden and the Netherlands. This international vision of fashion inspires him more than ever in the creation of his designs. It allows him to offer a wide range of choices in order to meet the demands of his customers. 


Following a diversion to Paris in 2016, eyewear designer Vincent Evain set out to create his own brand for women. Faced with frenetic demand, in December 2016, the first Legend of Paris eyewear collection made its appearance in our partner optician shops. Inspired by the 40s to the 70s, it elegantly achieves a mix between Parisian chic and current fashion trends. The avant-garde look of its women's eyewear immediately seduces the capital. Translated with (free version)  

Legend of Paris est déjà présent chez plus de 2000 distributeurs dont 1000 opticiens partenaires  dans toute la France.  

Following the success of his eyewear, he decided to follow his motto "La Mode Évolue..." by focusing on feminine accessories such as bags, clutches, earrings, bracelets, necklaces and much more...